a person laying horizontally with focus on their ear with a tube of Hydrogen Peroxide going into the ear

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe to Put In Your Ears?

Can You Put Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Ears?

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that has many uses. Peroxide is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. There are many uses for hydrogen peroxide, but should using it in your ears be one of them?

Some people believe hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to loosen earwax, however, it can often do more damage than good inside your ears.

The Risks of Using Peroxide in Your Ears

Most types of hydrogen peroxide you would buy come in a highly diluted concentration. But even in safe concentrations, it’s possible to put too much peroxide into the ears. This can cause skin irritation and blistering if used in too large of quantity or too frequently. Continuous use of peroxide in the ears can also cause inflammation and chronic earaches.

What To Do If Earwax is Bothering You?

If your ears feel full, a better solution for removing earwax is to visit your physician. They can safely remove any earwax in office. Because your ears are such an important part in how you hear and communicate, it’s best to have a professional remove any bothersome earwax rather than risk damaging your ears with peroxide.

Another alternative for safely removing earwax is to purchase over-the-counter ear drops. Ear drops are a safer method for loosening hard earwax compared to hydrogen peroxide.

Can Earwax Affect Hearing?

If you have a lot of earwax built up in your ear canal, it can affect your hearing. Excessive earwax can make sounds seem muffled and unclear. This is known as conductive hearing loss. Usually once the earwax is removed you should be able to hear better.

If you’re having a hard time hearing but are not sure if it’s due to earwax or due to another reason, then make an appointment for a test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid.

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