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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.   What happens at a hearing consultation?

A.   A licensed professional will conduct a thorough audiologic evaluation and measure your hearing. Your results will be explained fully to you. If you can be helped by hearing aids or assistive listening devices, we will gladly present you information on suitable products that fit your lifestyle needs.

Q.   Are hearing aids expensive?

A.   Hearing aids range in price depending on the technology level. The technology level you need will be determined after we learn more about your daily activities and the situations where you struggle with hearing the most. We offer pricing options to suit your needs and budget. We also offer payment plans so you can pay monthly.

Q.   I am a US Veteran. Do you offer any discounts for servicemen and women?

A.   We are proud to say we love our vets! We can help navigate you to the right sources to get your hearing care taken care of.

Q.   I have low vision and poor dexterity. I can't handle changing batteries every few days. Is there something that could still work for me?

A.   Absolutely. We carry several brands of instruments that don't require you to ever change a battery. We even carry hearing aids you can wear for months at a time without removing them from your ears, and they are sleep and shower safe.

Q.   I don't drive and I can't always get to your office. Is that going to affect my follow-up care?

A.   We love to see our patients regularly and have hands on, in-person follow ups. But if transportation is an issue, we can discuss products that allow us to make adjustments to your instruments remotely.

Myths about Hearing Aids/Loss

Forget what you think you know; discover the truth and debunk common myths about hearing.

MYTH: "All hearing aids whistle."

FACT: The whistling sound is an issue of fit or a blockage. Hearing aids can be customized to prevent that sound.

MYTH: "Hearing aids will give you normal hearing again."

FACT: Hearing aids are prosthetic devices and cannot recover damaged nerve cells. Instead they can offer a better quality of life, and increase communicative opportunities.

MYTH: "All hearing aids are visible and ugly."

FACT: Hearing aids have evolved to be smaller and more discreet. At BrightHear, we even offer 100% invisible hearing aids that remain in the ear canal 24/7 for months at a time.

MYTH: "My ears ALWAYS need to be clear from wax"

FACT: Wax production is important for protection and lubrication of skin in the ear and for protection of bacteria, critters, and water. Too much wax can negatively affect your hearing and not enough can dry out your ear. It is important to make sure to not use items that will push wax further into the canal and lead to impaction.

Hearing Aid Tips

Wearing hearing aids are an adjustment. For new users, your ears are experiencing and hearing sounds that they are not used to and haven't heard at an amplified level in a long time. Here are a few tips for new hearing aid users:


Give yourself some time to adjust! Many sounds that you have not heard may seem loud (such as the wind or air conditioning). There will be more of a gradual adjustment to hearing these sounds rather than an instantaneous fix


Read aloud. Listening to the sound of your own voice will help you to become accustomed to your new hearing aids and the newly introduced sounds


Don't be intimidated by background noise. Normal hearing persons also have difficult listening situations. As you continue to wear your hearing aids, know that these sounds are normal. Your focused attention on the speech sounds allow your auditory nerves to remain active and decrease your chances of dementia, depression, and withdrawal.

Practice, patience, and consistency will offer the best results with your new hearing aids!

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